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The Kids Table - Holiday Edition

Oh how we love the holidays! We love the food, the cozy weather, and family! Speaking of family.... what do you do for the kids during Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? You want to enjoy your meal and conversation with everyone but you also want to make sure the kids are occupied and having fun too!

Que fun ideas for the kids table!

At our Friendsgiving photo shoot we wanted to make sure and capture a few ideas that we came up with. Of course adding your spin to this is great, even encouraged. This is just to get the creative juices flowing for you and your family.

We covered the kitchen table in brown Kraft Paper from Michael's so the kids could draw and paint all over it with Crayons and kid's paint. We also drew "placemats" for each of the kids at the table so they would know where their spot was and made it festive by drawing turkeys at each place setting. We printed out a bunch of coloring sheets with turkeys, pumpkins, and fall leaves on them if they wanted to move on from drawing on the table. It was complete with festive paper plates for the thanksgiving dinner, making it an easy clean up.

Other ideas that were great in theory (not for our timeline unfortunately) were to make paper turkey's with their hands, paper pilgrim hats, or painting pumpkins. All super fun and easy to make happen... just not on a mock thanksgiving photoshoot day.

Ultimately the kids had a ball, resulting in the parents getting to relax and enjoy time with friends. Additionally, all of these ideas can be easily edited for Christmas as well!

We would love to see and share what you guys came up with this holiday season!

Happy Hosting,


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