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Fall = Football...aka Tailgate parties

Updated: May 11, 2022

Football season means "there goes my husband for the fall" ... well not necessarily. We think its another excuse to host a great get together. Let's talk tailgate parties!

Fall makes us think of all things warm and cozy, oh and football. We love football season! We grew up as coaches daughters and then proceeded to marry football coaches. Yes, you could call this ironic.. but we knew what we were signing up for. This Friday night lights life couldn't make us happier... well there is one thing we should add to this happiness, and that's football parties! Coaches wife or not, football brings community and that is all you need to throw a party.

Bring all the team spirit to your table!

Backyard or not, it isn't difficult to throw together a festive table. Here's how:

You'll need a tablecloth or runner that ties in your school colors- we purchased this fabric from Joann's Fabric and made a tablecloth out of it all for under $40. The pennants and buttons were homemade and materials were purchased all from Hobby Lobby. We cut triangles out of the rectangular felt sheets, then purchased felt adhesive letters, finally finished it off with some navy ribbon and weaved it onto a wooden dowel. Everything was pretty easy to find or assemble from our kitchen as far as vases, serving-ware, etc.

Table, countertop, or even coffee table- no problem, as long as you assemble cute team spirit items and pair it with food and drink, you are sure to have all the goods for a great game-day table.

We have linked some items here for you to purchase for your next tailgate party table:

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