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Red, White, and Blue

There are quite a few holidays that call for bringing out the red, white and blue and

we have all the tableware that makes you want to stand at attention.

This was a super fun table to put together. This was actually for a friends birthday that was on Flag Day, so we decided to go all out with the theme. This is a great table to use for Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. We used black lanterns, red cloth napkins, and of course wanted to incorporate American flags and sparklers at each of the place settings as well. We always like to incorporate some fun flare at each place setting as well, and because we live in Austin currently we chose to put individual bottles of Richard's Rainwater to bring in the blue at the table.

We put together a kids table as well with red, white, and blue sunglasses and flags for them to play with. The kids table was completed with paper plates, napkins, cups and plastic-ware for easy clean up after the dinner.

With themed tables, it's important to add a little something extra that can add to the fun of the table. The goal is to impress your guests and make the experience an enjoyable one.

Happy Hosting,

Gracie & Gretchen

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