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Our Party Playlists

Music is everything for a party and is an instant mood booster. It can make or break a party and sometimes is more of a subconscious association. However, if the music is off or doesn't match the vibe of the gathering it can create a feeling of discomfort without the guests even realizing it. These playlists are made in a team effort by Gracie, Michael (Gracie's husband), and Erik (Gretchen's husband), and me (Gretchen). With this said, we have a few of our favorite playlists for parties that we love!

Our Staple Party Playlist:

This playlist is a staple for us. We use this at most evening gatherings with friends from backyard hangouts to game nights and even fun dinner parties. This is a mix of oldies, soul, and new retro. You really can't go wrong with this playlist at any gathering and is definitely a crowd pleaser. Play it all year round, winter, spring, summer, or fall -it works for all!

Dinner Party Playlist:

If you want to host an elevated dinner party this playlist is a must! We personally love these oldies even when we are just cleaning around the house because it puts us in the most nostalgic mood. This playlist always tends to bring out the best mood in people and warrants a great time.

Spring day party playlist:

Gracie's husband, Michael, made this playlist for an Oyster and Champagne party Erik and I threw in April one year ago. We had Austin Oyster Co. shuckers come to our place to serve fresh oysters. We also served a plethora of quintessential spring foods like cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, crab cakes, caprese salad, oh and lots of.... Champagne! But a huge part that made the party so fun was, you guessed it- the playlist! This playlist is now used for a ton of our daytime spring or summer parties.

Texas Country Playlist:

Whether you are from Texas or not this playlist has been our Country staple! We play this for backyard parties, football tailgates, pool days (really any day by a body of water), and sitting by the fire. My husband, Erik has been putting this playlist together for over two years and hits all the spots for Texas Country. If you are more of a Nashville country fan, this playlist is not that- what can we say, we are Texas born and raised.

Summertime Feels:

Gracie is the creator of this playlist, and I promise you will be dancing as soon as you hear it. I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't our most listened playlist of the Summer season. This one is made up of old, new, and just pure happy songs. The neat part about this playlist is that it works for all occasions. Of course summer is the main time of year we would suggest using this playlist, but as far as dinner, daytime parties, pool, friends over for book club... it really doesn't matter! We say put it on and you will be just fine all season long!

We hope these playlists can help in your hosting endeavors and brings you confidence and ease as you plan your next gathering. Leave comments or tag us if they worked for you!

Happy Hosting,


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