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Arrangements Under $25

Yes, flowers can be expensive and usually gets the cut when it comes to added expenses. But what if I told you this arrangement I made was all under $25... don't write off the flowers in the $3.98 bundle section just yet!

I always like to have flowers around the house and I love making arrangements, but after a while the cost starts to add up. My husband looked at our grocery bill and told me just how much I was spending on flowers.... let's just say it wasn't pretty. I started thinking about how I can actually keep flowers around the house without breaking the bank. So, I challenged myself to making an arrangement under $25. I wanted to try making a bold arrangement within this budget just to see how much $25 could actually achieve.

I only allowed myself to shop in the $3 a bundle section for all but the $7 peony bundle because I had some wiggle room to reach $25 still. If you want to add more than carnations and alstroemeria, look for what's in season and the price is usually lower. Peonies are in season right now- hence they were only $7.

I leaned on carnations and alstroemeria big time for this arrangement and they were absolutely beautiful. It's easy to pass on those because they are not big and bold, but I made a big and bold arrangement here using just that.

This was a super fun challenge for me and I no longer have an excuse to spend more than I need to at the store on florals. Remember to look for whats in season and don't shy away from the smaller florals that would normally be used as fillers.

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