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3 Simple Napkin Folds

As you know, we love a good dinner party! All of the details are so fun to think through and add such excitement to the whole experience. Picking out the dinnerware, making the flower arrangements, thinking through the menu.... oh, and how to tie in the napkin.

Of course, the simple fold under the salad fork and dinner fork works just fine and takes no time to do, but what if we showed you three other ways to fold a napkin in a foolproof way that can instantly elevate the look of your table?

Introducing the 3 simple ways to fold a napkin:

Our photographer/videographer Avery Schroeder and I had a whole day of shooting different "how-to" content. This was an especially fun one because we haven't actually done a how-to on napkin folding. Avery perfectly executed this video to show how simple these folds actually are.

We hope you take the time to watch this how-to and try it out at your next dinner party!

Happy Hosting,


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