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We are two sisters from small-town Brenham, Texas that started a love for hosting and tablescapes at an early age. We adored playing make-believe by dressing up for the most fantastic tea parties or orchestrating a whole wedding for our Barbies with a playlist specifically created for Barbie and Ken. This fascination blossomed as both of us grew older watching fantastic hosts such as our mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers take a great deal of pride in making their homes hospitable and beautiful. 


As we started our own households we found ourselves spending quite a bit of time decorating our tables and hosting one event after another and knew this was something we wanted to pursue further than just for ourselves. 


Now both of us live in Austin, Texas, and are in pursuit to help women or men learn to make their home hospitable one table at a time. 


Julie (our Mom) 

 Our mother is not only the best mother two girls could ask for, but she is also the most incredible mentor and teacher for hosting and decor. Our mother was also a coach's wife and had to host many events for the staff. She is known in our hometown, Brenham, TX, as being the ultimate entertainer and creative. Our mom and dad always had something going on at our place. She was the one the town turned to for designing hometown events, helping orchestrate weddings for friends, and of course, making every birthday party we had the most magical one since the year before. 


Everything we know and have learned is passed down from these wonderful women in our family tree. Hosting is more than just throwing a party, it is an art and makes all the difference in your home when you gain the confidence to put all the pieces together to start your hosting journey.


Marilyn (our Gran)

Our Grandmother on our Mother's side. Gran is so kind and thinks of others so well. Being the grandmother of 17 grandchildren requires a high level of hosting at each family event in her home. Gran is a part of the Women's Club in Bryan/College Station, TX, and works hard to continue practicing and teaching this art of hosting and setting a beautiful table. We are very proud to have such a wonderful woman in our lives like Gran. 


Shirley (our Gigi)

Our Grandmother on our Father's side. Gigi was not only the most wonderful grandmother to us girls but she was also an excellent example for us. She grew up watching her mother host extraordinary parties in Port Lavaca and Victoria, TX, but then came into her own role as a host after becoming a Football Coach's Wife. From hosting different coaching parties to taking in different players to live with them, Gigi mastered the art of making her home warm and hospitable. She always had her table decorated and valued using all of her beautiful dishes and serving ware as often as she could.

Lola (our Mimi)

Our Great Grandmother on our Mother's side. Her name was Lola, she was not a showgirl... but the warmest and welcoming host for her friends in Fort Worth, TX. She had a beautiful dining room filled with Duncan Phyfe furniture that would complement the magnificent feasts she made. Without a doubt, she passed these gifts of serving others to our sweet Gran.


Thelma (our Nanny)

Our Great Grandmother on our father's side was the host of all hosts. Her husband, our Papa, was a rice farmer and at one time the Mayor of Port Lavaca, TX. Being in a small Gulf Coast town and having the responsibility of being the Mayor's wife, Nanny hosted wonderful parties for their friends… even Derrell Royal. 

Bobbie (our Grandmommy) 

Our Great Grandmother on our Mother's side. She was the wife of a WW II Colonel in the US Air Force. Grandmommy loved to entertain, and while they were stationed in England, she hosted the most extravagant soirees for the military officials and their wives. She was an elegant woman and this showed through her elegant affairs. 

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